Rochelle Brooks

Hello, my name is Rochelle Brooks, and this is my e-Portfolio.  I am an experienced Instructional Designer and Trainer, whose background includes sales, political fundraising, computer programming, and business ownership.  As a child, I was in awe of the library because I thought it gave me access to all the knowledge in the world.  What was even more amazing is when the internet put all that information at my fingertips, anytime, anyplace.  I chose this Master’s in Educational Technology because I want to make education easily accessible.  


The purpose of this e-Portfolio is to display my work from graduate school, which I earned in December 2021, so that you can see the quality of my work and depth of experience.  This portfolio is composed of my original work, including the learning modules, text, images, video, and everything else that appears on these pages.


  • Reflection Letter – shares lessons learned.
  • Matrix – provides a matrix along with a table that illustrates how each artifact I completed meets professional standards.
  • Courses Taken – lists the courses I have taken to complete this program. Each course page provides the course descriptions and project links. 
  • Leadership – showcases my leadership roles and professional.
  • Contact Me – contact information.


Projects can be viewed from any web browser.  Websites have been optimized for viewing on computers and mobile devices such as Smartphones.  There is no equipment needed, other than a device with internet access.

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