Courses Taken

The list below is the courses for my Master’s in Educational Technology.  The ‘Semester/Year” column displays when the course will be taken.  I have one course left that I will complete on December 8, 2021.  Please click on the Course Number link to view information about the course, including the projects that I created for the course.

Course # Course Name Semester/Year Completed
EDTC 6325 Educational Communications Spring 2021
EDTC 6321 Instructional Design Spring 2021
EDTC 6323 Multimedia/Hypermedia Spring 2021
EDTC 6358 Theory & Practice of E-Learning Spring 2021
EDFR 6302 Foundations of Learning, Cognition and Human Development Summer 2021
EDTC 6320 Educational Technology Summer 2021
EDTC 6342 Technology Leadership Summer 2021
EDTC 6351 Web-Based Multimedia in Instruction Fall 2021
EDTC 6332 Educational Technology Practicum Fall 2021
EDFR 6300 Research Methods in Education Fall 2021